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Tony Sanchez

    Tony has been practicing and teaching yoga for more than 40 years. He is based in Malaga, Spain where he conducts two yoga retreats every year. The rest of the year he teaches group and private classes on Zoom for practitioners at any level, age or physical condition.

    His approach to practice is fun, easy and effective for everyone, regardless of your level or physical challenges.

     Private classes are based on personal needs, goals and level of practice. Each session is tailored to your current condition with modifications or advancements as needed.

      Contact Tony by email or with the form below for a consultation and rates.

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Core 40 (audio) 1-hour - $4.99 US

The original Core 40 system codified by Tony.

Play on any device. Practice any time, any place.
Core 4o for Fitness is the foundation of the

Core 40 series for
(1) Fitness, (2) Health and (3) Meditation.

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