Who should practice Tony Sanchez CoreYoga?

Everyone, from beginners to advanced yogis who want to develop a solo practice and advance without injury.

Which CoreYoga should I practice?

Begin with Level 1 if you are a beginner to intermediate practitioner. Every posture in the system can be modified, simplified or intensified for your personal limitations or strengths to create a system tailored to your needs. Advance at your own pace without injury. Practice Level 2 if you are an experienced practitioner familiar with the foundations of practice.

Why practice Tony's CoreYoga?

Tony's CoreYoga systems are easy to learn, practice and progress with the support of the Forum to help you get the most our of your yoga practice. Solo practice is the best and fastest way to reach your goals for physcial development, stress management, personal development and centering.

When should I practice CoreYoga?

Practice at least three times per week for maximum benefit. Try to practice around the same time, but be flexible, it's not the end of the world if you need to rearrange your schedule for different days, time or length of time. The benefit of solo practice is the freedom to change postures, systems and times as needed. Once you know the Foundations of Practice, the postures and sequence of a Core System you can modify, simplify or intensify.

Where should I practice CoreYoga?

Ideally, practice in a warm, quiet space with fresh air. The space of a yoga mat or large bath towel is sufficient. Again, be flexible. Just 15 minutes of standing postures may be all the space and time you have.