Core Systems for Solo-Home Practice

Beginner to Advanced


Core 26+ Practice Primer

Learn the Foundations of Practice.


CORE 26+

CORE 26+

"Go to' system for every level. Simplify, modify or intensify as needed.


CORE 40+

CORE 40+


3 systems for fitness, health, & meditation.




Advanced. Based on Tony's training in the Ghosh lineage.




Core 40 – audio – 1-hour - $4.99 US

The original Core 40 system codified by Tony.

Play on any device. Practice any time, any place.
Core 4o for Fitness is the foundation of the

Core 40 series for
(1) Fitness, (2) Health and (3) Meditation.


Core Systems Workshops


CORE 26, CORE 84

CORE 40 for Fitness, Health & Meditation


29 November- December 2021

21-27 March 2022

5-11 December 2022

Hi! I am

Tony Sanchez

     Yoga is a solo sport, wherever you are. I have been a solo practitioner for more than 40 years. 

     My Core Systems for Solo Practice are a synthesis of my life-long practice, codified into five easy systems anyone can follow to enhance overall fitness, health and peace of mind.

     Join my Solo Practice Forum for inspiration, support and guidance on your journey.

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Mastering Solo Practice

Yoga is a Solo Sport, at home and beyond.

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Core 26+ Practice Primer

  • Foundations of Practice Manual & Video

  • 5 Posture Clinic Videos

  • Personal Practice Forms

  • Core 26+ Practice Video


Jump-start your solo/home practice.

Enhance your current practice.

Instructors, improve your classes.